Nissen Huts

Nissen Huts were designed towards the end of the First World War and then used extensively by the Ministry of Defence in the UK during the Second World War.

The curved design makes the Nissen hut perfectly suited to open areas. They can be seen in exposed locations throughout the UK and are particularly favoured by Crofters in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Farms and Smallholdings in East Anglia. They have many uses such as workshops, storage and animal shelters.

Our Nissen sheds consist of Curved Steel Tee Section frames and Timber Purlins. The corrugated sheets can be supplied in a Galvanised or Polyester coated finish and translucent Rooflights can be supplied as an optional extra to provide natural light. We can also provide an Anti-condensation coating to the curved sheets. The sheds can be supplied with or without ends. We have standard ends available with a range of doors and openings.

We offer the Nissen sheds in two standard widths of 4.88m (16ft) and 7.31m (24ft) and would be pleased to discuss any variations you may have on our standard designs. All of our Steel Framed Buildings are designed and manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 1090 and carry the CE mark.

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Paula has been dealing with Nissen and Romney sheds for over 25 years and has recently joined us along with Mark who has been making them for over 35 years. Give Paula a call or send an email about your project.

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